A New Year Kiss

Beyond December’s fall
Is a day that slips when the clock strikes north
Pointing to the heavens
When Cinderella is a just a poor lass
Forgotten in the moment and a prince’s heart rocks
Back and forth, to and fro, in the unsteady wind
When love is the gale and the lips are but a sail
Of vessels that need no steer – just a push downwind
When between the darkest hour
And the eclipse of a second, lies the beauty of a tradition
Of lovers folly in clockwise linger
When there is cinder everywhere one looks
Even on two fiery lips in sheer collapse
When fireworks is the chemistry and lip-fever her flame
As a kiss burns ever so slow, smoldering in passion
When between a meadow of memories and a boulevard of dreams
Lies a moment, when you and I
Can only muster a breathtaking silence
When between yesteryear’s twilight and another year’s dawn
Lies two poles – north and south
On blissful middle earth.