The Wait

Lingering like a camel in a dessert
I knew the heat so well – the type that comes from the ambient
As the sweltering sunshine of peers –
After all love in the contemporary
Is like a jewel box where many pendants are kept
Unlike those seekers of one pearl – what will bloom
From her shell and twinkle with her eyes
And seduce with her perfect curves –
After all, I did not wait to be a star in the sky – to be achingly normal
Nor was I aiming for the moon – when the glitter would handicap me
In front of a billion pupils
I only waited knowing someday she would find me
From between her two beautiful breasts, when one spell
Would enchant me in body and soul
After all I only waited for a patent to drill for a lifetime
And just maybe – if fate is kind – extract just about one barrel
Of tanned brown gold, as a bouncing ball meets a swimmer
In one kiss of fate
When the beauty of one palpitation
Blossoms as one clump of life


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