Wedding Gown

She stood like a sail
In a wooden cupboard
Mastering the eerie stillness
Surrounded by misty air
And moldy pairs of unused heels
That stood on a rack
At the very bottom

She has seen
Long nights of hope
When she could hear the eagerness
Of her 35 year old owner over the phone
While telling about a prince
And his castle – the chambers of his heart
And the rampart that stood around
Rocking her heart
And tingling her petals

Yet she knew
The time would never come
When the dust would be wiped away
And the sun would shine
As she waited on a hanger on a line
Waiting for when feet marks of time
Would usher in footsteps on an alter
Where grains of rice will be thrown
With glitter paper and confetti
On a remote church
On the outskirts of suburbia

Still she waited for the day
To caress a woman’s body in sheerness
And poise, in translucency and bridal glow
After all she was the dream
Of a million women
Just like the woman who opens
Her cupboard and slowly unzips her bag
And looks in with a bittersweet smile

After all a wedding dress
Is both worn and taken off
Once in a lifetime
A dream-weaver that comes
In the form of silk and lace
And will slip to the ground – to a man’s palms
As the white fabric that will usher in
A beautiful agony on a woman’s face
As petals of a wild flower that will only bloom
In the boundless wilderness
Of a marriage bed.

Wedding Dress

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Amra Ismail says:

    Awesome write! Is the she referred to the owner of the wedding gown or the wedding gown it self? Im a bit confused over interpreting it.

    1. Wedding gown………I love your poetry …..It’s nice to see poetry blogs like yours………Looking forward to seeing more poems from you !

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