Scattering Dreams and Tales (A Free Poetry Book)

Scattering Dreams and Tales
Published by 13 poets (3 – 4 Poems Each)

Introduction (Done by a fellow poet)

This latest collection of poems, our third, can be considered a grace note attached to the full melody to the first two.

The title, “Scattering Dreams and Tales,” was written to reflect the other two publications. According to my co-editor, Fabrizio Frosini, “Dreams & Tales” recalls ‘Nine Tales of Creation’. “Scattering” evokes ‘At the Crossing of Seven Winds”.
In this Anthology, you will find poems by 13 poets.

According to the Random House Dictionary, a POET is a person who has the gift of poetic thought, imagination and creation.

Let us see how we can amplify this definition with statements made by poets and prose writers. One of the earliest definitions still current is by the ancient Roman poet, HORACE, one of the masters of Lyric Poetry in Western literature. He wrote Poets were the first teachers of mankind. The poet-teacher would inculcate the highest human values along with whatever information would be deemed necessary.
Who are the hyphenated teachers in today’s world? Perhaps technocrat-teachers, dogmatist-teachers, militarist-teachers, businessman-teachers. Would there be room for Horace’s confidence in Lyric Poetry?
The early 20th century poet James Flecker made a very precise distinction in what we can expect poets to accomplish through language, mere words raised to heightened, even electric power: “The poet’s business is not to save the soul of man but to make it worth saving.”

Perhaps several poems in our anthology will perform this redemptive role, if the poets have fulfilled their mission and readers read with lively attention.

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