Love – An Elegy

What is spoon fed By popular culture and media-shots An inimitable place of the soul And an unparreleled entitlement of each man Subjugated to a counterfeit replica  Mutating nature’s intrinisic design With saccharine kisses And carnages of red paint

Treatise On Perfection

The full moon – perfection unparalleled An apical circle no mathematician or astronomer Would counter or alienate A glistening satellite by day-fall And sleeping beauty by day Lapsing in circadian revolutions of shadow and bloom  Where on the visage of one celestial creature Lies the pinnacle of beauty Far beyond the reach of man


Do you see the color of blindness butterfly? The colorless souls – the blackouts of consciences Where darkness out-muscles color What you do not possess or hold beneath your wings You the creature with gossamer lattices The fine drapery of nature, the fabric of unruffled beauty Yet I don’t see you anymore Did the feet…