A Requiem For Mom

The cradle that gently rocked to and fro

Your tender lap mom, my sanctuary and floor

My source of direction, the wind beneath my sail

A drifter meandering on fate’s roads of rail

Your soul that ushered on me your love’s true glow

Your breasts that seeped love in tides overflow

An angel with no halo or the span of wings

Just a woman with a jello heart and a golden ring

Your lullaby that sang the bliss of your lung

Your irises that ushered an honesty in words unsung

As I look down at where you rest beneath

Reminiscing your arms, my only refuge, my cocoon, my sheath

Your grace that lingers within me, in every gene and her song

Your womb that sheltered me from the wrath and the wrong

I lie here, dressed in black yet naked inside

Gazing at your absence, as my tears finally abide

Bless me mum as you gently untie my noose’s cord

As I finally let go of your umbilical cord

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