The fine filaments of the silk worm
And the craftsmanship of a weaving mill
In the flowing movements
Of to and fro, left and right, up and down
Weaving the intricacies of films of silk
Where waves of different length light
Form interfaces, edges and sharp corners 
On a draping of vibrant colors
A silky garment that gently teases man 
And his predatory eyeballs
In what softly overflows in breast
And what is flaunted on the understorey of ribs
A dressing that hails the eagle-eye and the loony-heart
Wrapped from hip to toe, navel to spine
Bearing an apical fall that dances with the lyrical wind 
Only to slumber under canopies and roofs
A creature that knows the curves of her muse
And sensualizes the quintessential south asian woman
What has seen colonialism and counter-courage
In revolutions of time-eroded traditions
What has been worn by maidens and widows alike
In drifts of fate, in the anthesis of a smile
And the abscission of a tear – in life and death
What is passed from man to woman
And woman to man, in gift and sin
Where in her mystical veneer is a narration
Of the asymmetry of closure and disclosure
In the light of elegance and grace
Where a perennially translucent creature
Uncovers in a single frame
The sheer transparency 
Of timeless beauty 

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