Foolish Love (A Psalm)

In fool’s gold

Rests the worth of a soul

Unpolluted by motive

And untainted by gain

Estranged from possession

And alienated of self

Where there is no traffic or clutter

Just an empty room

Just enough for one soul

Where the symmetry of souls

And the asymmetry of form

Sculpts a blessed union

Of what can never be broken

By the hand of god or the grip of fate

Where sheer endlessness narrates

The never-ending story

Of infinite horizons 

In the mysticism of implicitness

Of a naked soul feeding desire

What out pours to be laid bare 

In the nakedness of bodies

Where heartbeats are skipped

And resonance articulates a holy truth

Of being above every possible sensation

That mankind can ever perceive

What can only be demonstrated in silence

In a gaze and a kiss

For the greatest kind of affection

Resides in the muted universe of expression

Where foolishness rests nonsensical

To the scope of two eyes

And the taste of two lips

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