Downtown Train

I search for you, your aura, your smile

Your flowing tresses, your elbow on the window frame

Lost in cascading memories

That fall like a waterfall

As I surrender to a familiar moistness

While water smoke rises like a fuming volcano

As I relinquish my all to what I owe to myself

Your absence – What I could never disown

Or let disappear

The immortal strain of memory

That fills my saturated longing

And dilutes my abyssal existence


A station platform

Where our destinies converged

As you descended from a downtown train 

To the catacombs of my heart

And now, six years after your evanescence

Your untimely call from heaven

I gaze through a familiar train window

Searching for the windows of your maple eyes

At the genius of providence

And the frailty of life


As I, a derailed train

Arrested from the journey of life, in your absence

Stands at that station where destiny once lit my world

Only for misfortune to eclipse my mirth

For me to let go of my railway track

To perpetuate a dream, that once was

And your memory that will always be

As I hang on to the clouds within my eyes

In an eternal monsoon

Waiting for your ghost to descend

From a train carriage

To carry me to your dwelling place

In a train yard of angels

Where there are no tracks, flesh or pneuma

Just two souls rusting in eternal bliss

In the oxygen of heaven

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