Suicide Bomber

In between the voice of unreason

And the echo of detonation

Rested a requiem of heartbeats

Levitating souls and corpses left behind

Amidst crimson drops and dust fogs, littering skin and teared flesh

Wailing lungs and rallying sirens

The culmination of a journey to the edge of reason

Where sanity stood as the helpless hostage

Where one crossroad was lit with hate

And one soul was drawn by her light

Where one journey was adjourned in a sonic bloom

As one niche of life saw it’s holocaust

Overhauled by the muscle of ill-fate

Laid bare by one cowardly act

Where terrestrial ghosts danced with hovering angels

And souls sang to the tune of banshees

Until the vapor of life rose in a heartbeat

And one legacy sedimented on the bed of history

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