The Vietnamese Girl

Conversation broke the silence

Sounds that captured the moment

A simple hello, in the tongue of the earth

And a hand shake that shook something deep

A guilty feeling that kindled the man in me

As yearning had crept unnoticed, holding me hostage

To an opportune night


Foreign beauty, pitch black locks and bamboo skin

Night whispering her dirty secrets

As I muster the courage for an invitation

To a stranger’s lair, to embark in a familiar pidgin

Where bodies converse bereft of speech


She smiled at me, a shy grin embellished with a shake of the temple

As she steered her vessel away

To the same night that held me moist and vulnerable

Where loneliness spoke a tongue of her own


I was about drown in tequila

To plunge in to the night, to burn my loneliness

When she reappeared, and posted her palm on mine

A sense of compassion, perhaps even gratitude drenched her

As she looked at the soldier in me

And the man that lives within


As we wandered off to the night

Drifters of destiny, down the same crosscurrents

A place to vacate the heart and to anchor the body

A harbor of no return


Tender was the night, and so were two bodies

Healed by the break of dawn……….











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