Unspoken (To Mr Darcy)

I dread the sound of my voice To come up with the perfect words to get shot down By your gold standard. I knew you would not be easy. Silence can be muted, especially when there Is a paradigm shift to one response and a bottomless pit for the other. The daffodil was not done … Continue reading Unspoken (To Mr Darcy)

Hope in a Time of Covid

Hope can be a recluse that is befitting Of a company or a crowd. Sometimes the greatest dimensions are carved By the promising hour and the dare of Surpassing the courage you were born with. To be brave is new territory, it is Blossoming a crooked smile that is neither Symmetrical nor flashy but a … Continue reading Hope in a Time of Covid

Courage to be Good

The dare that few brave. Courage that towers over cowardice. Mandela awoke one dawn to the epiphany Of seeing the white man not as a racist or the enemy, But an ally for a mutual goal: a colorblind society. Mother Theresa saw ostracized lepers with melting skin, The abominable shadows of castes, the stoic apathy … Continue reading Courage to be Good

What it Means to Be Good as a Catholic

Helping a beggar down the street Without posting it on facebook or making A tale out of it for popularity. To tell the truth because it is sincere. To call a friend who means more to you Than just a casual friendship. To do charity; that upon you is another's toil That grants a shoulder … Continue reading What it Means to Be Good as a Catholic

A Moral World that Stands for Love

I was telling a catholic priest yesterday, How immoral the world is now and they Are languishing in fear to call a spade a spade. Pre-marital sex in catholic ideology will always be a sin. I the man who kissed a woman for the First time on my 38th bday will always stay true to … Continue reading A Moral World that Stands for Love

Who is to blame?

Who is to care for the forever-after-in-a-coma? Who is to redeem the eyes that bleed salt? Who is to mend the china heart? Who is to blame for the perfect storm? And the lighthouse that is far beyond? Who is to blame for the stadium that became A refuge after sieging Katherina? Who is the … Continue reading Who is to blame?

Racism in America

Like a black man with a green book Walking into a rundown ill-lit diner, Where he will be welcomed and given A meal of the Antebellum South. Jim Crow was the way back then, What George Floyd is sadly today. Black men Dance down by the side of the Hudson, The songs of acapella, of … Continue reading Racism in America